Trump: ICE Knocks ‘The Hell Out Of MS-13’

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Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Trump emphasized his support for Immigration and Customs Enforcement during a speech addressing steelworkers Wednesday in Granite City, Illinois, saying, “They knock the hell out of MS-13.”


“China tried to hurt the American farmer because, that way, they were going to hurt me, and that way, you would go in November and you would vote for people that don’t want borders. They don’t care about crime. They want to get rid of ICE. Democrats. How about the new one? They want to get rid of ICE. ICE is tough, and ICE is smart,” the president said.

“They go in and they knock the hell out of MS-13. These are killers. They use knives because it’s more painful than guns, and ICE goes in like it’s a day at the office. These are tough people. They have to be tough people. Because MS-13 and these gangs that the worst laws, immigration laws in history have allowed into our country,” Trump continued.

“Catch and release. How about that one? You catch a criminal, you take his name and then you release him. He’s got to show up to court within four or five years. In the meantime, they’re committing crime in our country.”

“These are the laws we have to work with, and despite that we’re setting records. But we have horrible, horrible immigration laws and we’re going to get them fixed. You have to vote Republican, folks. You’ve got to vote Republican. Vote for these two congressmen. They know what we’re doing. They’re tough and they’re smart,” the president concluded.

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