Another Fight Breaks Out At Trump’s Hollywood Star, Arrests Made

CBS LA, KCAL 9, 7/29/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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Another fight broke out at President Trump’s Hollywood star, this time resulting in arrests on Sunday evening.


A Trump supporter wearing a MAGA hat was using a megaphone to show his support for the president at the star, according to the Los Angeles CBS affiliate, KCAL 9.

Other pro-Trump people nearby acknowledged the man but also made clear they were not with him.

They were confronted by critics of the president and the police had to separate the two factions. One anti-Trump individual was wrestled to the ground and arrested by LA police officers.

“[This guy] came up and said he was going to pull his hat off, and I was like [makes a negative sounding noise], went up and pulled the ‘Make America Great Again’ hat off, and after that, everything just went crazy. They started fighting,” one woman said during an interview with KCAL.

When the fight broke out, the man in the MAGA hat allegedly head-butted one of the people who confronted him, according to a witness, Louie Martinez.

The police are looking to arrest another person in regards to the fight, but haven’t yet.

This is the second fight this week to take place at the star. Last Thursday, Elijah Schaffer decided to go to the star and defend the president to document the harassment Trump supporters are forced to go through, and he learned the hard way what that looks like. (RELATED: Fight: Youtuber Tries To Document The Harassment Trump Supporters Face, And Gets Viciously Attacked)