CNN’s Acosta Wants You To Pity Him

Betsy Rothstein | Reporter

Pass the tissues.

White House correspondent Jim Acosta (D-CNN) can’t get enough attention these days. At  rallies he’s bombarded with people who simultaneously can’t stand him and also want his autograph.

And today, he’s so sad.

During Wednesday’s briefing, he got into a row with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders as he tried to force her to say that the media is not the “enemy of the people.”

Considering that her boss, President Trump, has unequivocally stated this many times — despite a weak protest from daughter, Ivanka, Thursday — Sanders wouldn’t budge or give in to Acosta’s cry for her to say one kind word about the media.

“So brave,” cracked a Washington journo to The Mirror. “Deciding not to do his job — defending the First Amendment so valiantly — and then courageously tweets about it so everyone knows about his valiant deed.”


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