Tucker: The Angry Left Is ‘Totally Distorted By Their Rage,’ Inability To ‘Topple’ Trump

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Friday chronicled the increasingly heightened rhetoric used by a left that has gotten “angrier” and “distorted” by their inability to remove President Trump from power.


For almost two years the left has been resisting Donald Trump, yet he has stubbornly refused to stop being this country’s democratically elected president. Unable to topple him from power by impeachment, arrest, harassment or any other means so far, the left has not given up but they become angrier and at this point totally distorted by their rage. So mad that the usual epitaphs have lost their power from overuse. Nobody calls Trump a sexist anymore or even a bigot. That is too kind. He’s Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, or all three, plus Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy. No wait, that’s not bad enough. He’s a maniacal Roman emperor who murdered his own mother and burned his capital down. That sounds about right.”

The Fox News host then played several clips of liberals calling Trump “Nero while the West burns,” “unhinged,” his base “deranged,” and his presidency “worse than Watergate.”

“Did you hear that?” Tucker asked. “Worse than Watergate, says the man who hasn’t worked since Watergate.”

Yes, it is that bad. The left wants trump gone tonight but for some unfathomable reason, he is still in the White House. You can imagine how frustrating that must be. So frustrating that progressives have shifted the focus of their anger from the president to the United States itself. Our country they tell us must be bulldozed to bedrock and rebuilt according to revolutionary principles … Step one is inviting every poor person on planet Earth to move here tomorrow to go on federal benefits at your expense and anything less than that is racism.

“In other words those who enforce the law are the real criminals just like illegal immigrants are the real Americans,” Carlson said after playing a clip from a New York attorney general candidate who says she would throw ICE agents in prison. “Citizens who work hard, get married, and raise their own kids should be the ones that are ashamed of themselves. War is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength. Orwell saw it all 70 years ago – suddenly we are living it in real time.” (RELATED: ‘The World’s Dumbest Religion’ — Point By Brutal Point, Tucker Perfectly Summarizes ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’)

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