CNN Reporter At Biker Rally Surrounded By Fox News Fans From Texas, Called ‘Fake News’

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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CNN sent reporter Bill Weir to Sturgis, South Dakota, to ask political questions of some of the hundreds of thousands of biking enthusiasts who travel to the remote city each year for the largest biker gathering in the world.

Weir wandered around the town, which plays host to half a million bikers each year asking what they thought of Trump and the Russia investigation and Special Council.  Weir was met with fierce devotion to Trump and many bikers brushing off his questions. Weir was wearing a CNN ‘Facts First’ shirt during the interviews and was flabbergasted that he could not get the bikers to agree with him that Trump has a “dark cloud” over his presidency.

“No amount of earnest reporting will change their minds,” Weir said in one segment.

At one point, bikers surrounded Weir and called him”fake news.”

A large man with a beard told Weir, “Ya’ll are fake news. We all know it. Just ask our lord and savior, Donald Trump.” The man was identified as a “Fox News” fan from Texas. The audience laughed at Weir who pointed to himself and awkwardly said, “touch me.”

The comment started a debate between the bikers present. One lone biker stood up for Weir and said “They don’t know what they’re talking about – Everybody has their own opinion.”

The Texan said, “You’re un-American too, get on the other side,” pointing to the CNN reporter.

During another segment, Weir asked a man dressed as a skeleton about Russian collusion. The man said, “They’re saying Hillary colluded with them. They’re saying [Trump] colluded with them. Its just one blaming the other.”