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It’s all too easy to think public speaking is a talent you’re either born with or you’re not, and to feel a bit doomed if you’ve struggled with stage fright, staying eloquent, or any of the factors at play. But believe it or not, public speaking can be taught. There’s currently a 4-course bundle on sale—$19 after 97% off—for Daily Caller readers that will give you all the skills & tips you need to knock your next chance out of the park.

Normally $640, this public speaking bundle is 97 percent off

Normally $640, this public speaking bundle is 97 percent off

The Public Speaking Bundle on sale for $19

From drafting, to mental and physical prep, through to delivery, these courses will get you geared up to shine in front of an audience, no matter how large or prestigious. Start with The Complete Presentation & Public Speaking Course to get an overview of the process. Learn how to ditch note-cards and improvise around topics with mind-mapping, and how to effectively persuade your audience. To cap things off, hear from experts on the top 5 steps to making magical speeches.

If public speaking makes you nervous, you should really take a practical approach and study the methods of the pros. Get this bundle at 97% off at the Daily Caller shop for just $19 today.

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