Kellyanne Conway: ‘With A Free Press Should Come A Fair Press’

Amber Athey White House Correspondent

Kellyanne Conway defended the free press on Friday but also said that too many people in the press have started sharing untruths about the president.


“I just have a slightly different perspective than everybody else on this. I’m not sure it matters much anymore,” Conway declared on Fox News. “As I was saying, even before the election in 2016, the media constantly fed everybody their repressive poll numbers, inaccurate. Their spin, ‘She can’t lose. He can never win. What a joke. What are they doing?’ People turned out anyway.”

“Are you saying a free press doesn’t matter anymore? I want to be clear,” anchor Ed Henry asked.

“Absolutely not,” Conway replied. “It’s a bedrock of our democratic society. It is a bedrock. But with a free press should come a fair press. And yes, a critical press. But criticism and skepticism have given way to cynicism. And frankly, I see people on TV every day saying things that just aren’t true.”

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