Kellyanne Conway: ‘With A Free Press Should Come A Fair Press’

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Kellyanne Conway defended the free press on Friday but also said that too many people in the press have started sharing untruths about the president.


“I just have a slightly different perspective than everybody else on this. I’m not sure it matters much anymore,” Conway declared on Fox News. “As I was saying, even before the election in 2016, the media constantly fed everybody their repressive poll numbers, inaccurate. Their spin, ‘She can’t lose. He can never win. What a joke. What are they doing?’ People turned out anyway.”

“Are you saying a free press doesn’t matter anymore? I want to be clear,” anchor Ed Henry asked.

“Absolutely not,” Conway replied. “It’s a bedrock of our democratic society. It is a bedrock. But with a free press should come a fair press. And yes, a critical press. But criticism and skepticism have given way to cynicism. And frankly, I see people on TV every day saying things that just aren’t true.”

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