Antifa Protesters Demand ‘Fascist’ Cops Shut Down Speech They Disagree With

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Antifa protesters at a “Patriot Prayer” event in Seattle, Washington, demanded police shut down the speech of peaceful right-wing protesters Saturday.

Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson hosted a “Liberty or Death” event at Seattle Town Hall over the weekend, but the pro-gun group was far outnumbered by left-wing counter protesters. Patriot Prayer has been accused of “trolling” liberals and attracting members of the alt-right or white nationalist groups, which Gibson, who is of mixed-race heritage, aggressively denies.

Multiple members of Antifa un-ironically told KTTH’s Jason Rantz that they wanted police officers — who they called “fascists” — to shut down the Patriot Prayer rally. Others wondered why the right-wing group was granted a permit to protest in the first place.

“Our City Hall should not give fascists the platform and our tax dollars should not pay fascists [cops] to protect fascists,” one protester said. “It’s unfortunate that they use that free speech, First Amendment, whatever.”

Another protester, Ivy, called it a “disgrace” that Patriot Prayer were allowed to rally in public, insisting that some of their members are murderers.

“I think it’s a disgrace that the police gave them a permit when they are threatening people,” Ivy asserted. “You know, they have made threats, they have murdered people … They’re here to terrorize people and to intimidate people.”

A protester who identified himself as “Jesus Christ” declared, “They should be disbanding those <expletives> and we wouldn’t be here.”

“Jesus Christ” lamented the fact that the country is unable to “collectively come together” while yelling homophobic insults at a minority police officer, Rantz reported.

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