Tucker Exposes Media Hypocrisy Over Treatment Of John McCain

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson called out certain media outlets for their hypocritical coverage of Sen. John McCain during his show on Monday night.


Carlson opened his segment outlining the widely publicized disputes that Sen. McCain and President Donald Trump had, but praised each sides willingness to be upfront about the way they felt about one another, saying, “to their credit, neither man ever pretended otherwise.”

“McCain attacked trump almost until his final day. After McCain died, Trump at first could barely bring himself to mourn. He sent a brief tweet and then raised the White House flags too too soon for many critics. The root of this dispute between Senator McCain and the president is murky. Each side has a different story. What’s clear is where the press stands in this period,” Carlson noted.

Fox proceeded to show two clips featuring CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and MSNBC’s Katy Tur denouncing the president’s response to McCain’s passing.

“How dare he! There’s been a lot of this today. Almost exclusively from the left. On one level it’s amusing because these are the very same people of course who called John McCain a racist ten years ago for daring to run against the anointed one,” Tucker concluded.

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