Otto Warmbier’s Parents Are Honoring His Legacy By Trying To Get Congress To Pass Tougher Sanctions

(Fox News 8/28/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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Fred Warmbier, the father of Otto Warmbier, spoke about his and his wife’s work with Congress to pass tougher sanctions on North Korea during an interview on Tucker Carlson’s show, Tuesday night.


“These are financial sanctions that will sanction lending institutions that transact with North Korea. They are called secondary sanctions. These will be powerful in that they — when somebody does business with North Korea and they do, they generally transact into U.S. Dollars. And this will target those,” Warmbier stated. (RELATED: Otto Warmbier’s Parents ‘Appreciate President Trump’s’ Comments)

“We said: Do we think we could have done more for Otto Warmbier when he was first taken? And we thought, we let North Korea completely control the dialogue. We were silenced with fear. And we were not pro-active,” he continued. “They controlled everything. They forced him to confess to things that were completely false. They used him as a political pawn and a political prisoner.”

North Korea arrested Otto Frederick Warmbier, a University of Virginia student who visited the North as a tourist, in January 2016 for alleged hostile acts against the state. (RELATED: Comatose American College Student Released By North Korea Has Died)

“We made a decision we want to do something positive for Otto. We don’t want this to happen to any other family or anyone else. That’s what motivates me to be here tonight,” Warmbier concluded.

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