NY Mag: ‘Trump Is a Snob Who Secretly Despises His Own Supporters’

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Mike Brest Reporter
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New York Magazine’s offshoot The Daily Intelligencer published an article on Thursday morning accusing President Trump of ‘secretly [despising]’ his supporters.

The article, “Trump Is a Snob Who Secretly Despises His Own Supporters,” was written by Jonathan Chait.

“Trump has touted the mindless loyalty of his base, and when he marveled that he would not lose any support if he shot somebody on Fifth Avenue, he was not complimenting the discernment of his supporters,” the article states. “He has tried to turn that into a positive — ‘I love the poorly educated!’ — but the association with low socioeconomic strata has grated on him.”

But it does not provide evidence to support that claim.

Further, the article claims, “The relationship he cultivates is unidirectional admiration. Trump gives his supporters a lifestyle they can enjoy vicariously. He views them as suckers.”

President Trump regularly refers to himself and his supporters as the ‘elites’ despite the phrase commonly being used in regards to Democrats on the coasts. The article included this, but again, did not make the connection from this fact to the writer’s whole point – that the president dislikes his supporters. (RELATED: President Trump Delivers Savage Takedown Of The ‘Elites’ In America’)

The article is riddled with claims detailing different ways that supposedly show the president hates the lower income section of his base — but never offers any clear evidence to back it up.

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