Tucker Carlson Goes Head To Head With Radio Host Over Obama’s Speech

Mike Brest | Reporter

Fox News host Tucker Carlson went head to head with radio host Chris Hahn over whether President Barack Obama broke norms by delivering a campaign speech so soon after leaving office.


Carlson and Hahn were discussing the remarks Obama made during a speech at the University of Illinois earlier on Friday.

“I think it’s rich for anybody to say that norms were not being followed today, which is what you opened with today, because norms have not been follow for the last 20 months by this president, and I think it’s time every good American start pushing back,” Hahn stated.

Carlson responded, “If you are against overturning norms, then surely it must bother you that a recently retired president is giving a campaign speech. We have a norm that they don’t do that, he just did. Since you are a defender of norms, you’re not bothered?”

“No. I just don’t think that the people who love freedom and love our Constitution in this country should universally disarm to a president who has decided to push every norm —” Hahn countered.

“That fine, then just don’t ever lecture me about norms again. If it’s bad for Trump to overturn norms, which he’s certainly done,” Carlson shot back. “And Obama just did it again today. But that’s cool and what Trump is doing is bad because why? Stop lecturing me about norms.”

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