Texas Great-Grandmother Takes Brutal Revenge On 12-Foot Alligator [VIDEO]


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Judy B. Cochran is not your average local government official.

The mayor of Livingston, Texas, who recently became a great-grandmother, shot and killed a 12-foot alligator which she believes ate her mini-horse, KPRC Click2Houston reports.

Cochran is used to seeing gators around her ranch, as they live in ponds in the area. However, she has a personal vendetta with one of the giant reptiles. (RELATED: Unless You’ve Been To Jurassic Park, This Is The Biggest Alligator You’ve Ever Seen [VIDEO])

“About three years ago, we came up missing a miniature horse. We highly suspect a gator got it,” Cochran told KPRC.

Cochran, who became mayor of the eastern Texas town in May, vowed to hunt down the gator in the hope of protecting other pets and animals on the ranch.

When local nuisance trapper Stephen Moye called Cochran to say he’d tamed the beast with a hook and line, the mayor knew it was time to exact revenge.

She said she rushed home from work, changed into her hunting clothes, and unleashed a perfectly aimed round into the gator’s skull.

“One shot and he went under,” Cochran said.