Tucker Tears Into Hillary Clinton’s #MeToo Hypocrisy

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson called out Hillary Clinton’s #MeToo hypocrisy after the former presidential candidate weighed in on the Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations in an interview on MSNBC.


Carlson aired a portion of Hillary’s interview with MSNBC in which she claimed the Republicans and the White House are attempting to rush the Kavanaugh confirmation process.

Tucker asked the audience to ‘savor’ this hypocritical moment. “Imagine you are Hillary Clinton. Imagine saying something like that. You’d have to believe that the internet doesn’t exist and there is no record at all about things you said in public about claims of sexual abuse. As it happens, we have access to the Internet here as well as a pretty long memory,” Carlson said.

“Hillary Clinton has said a lot about the sexual assault allegations — credible allegations including of rape all of them aimed at her husband Bill for many women over many years. Hillary sounded a lot different then — like a different person. Of course, she was fighting for political power,” Carlson exclaimed before airing video of Hillary belittling abuse survivors.

“Very unfortunate turn of events that we are using the criminal justice system to try to achieve political ends in this country,” Hillary said among many other things.

Carlson humorously concluded, “Oh, how times have changed.”

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