Switch Between Wireless And Wired Listening With These Sleek Earbuds

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While it’s sometimes bad to have too many options — like getting a group of friends to decide on a place to eat — the opposite can also be true, especially when it comes to your listening experience. With a pair of Model 3 Hi-Res Convertible Wireless Earphones, get the convenience of Bluetooth wireless listening and the power-saving reliability of wired audio all backed by excellent sound quality.

Normally $100, these wireless earphones are 30 percent off

Normally $100, these wireless earphones are 30 percent off

Model 3 Hi-Res Convertible Wireless Earphones on sale for $69.99

These earphones deliver excellent audio in two distinct ways. For starters, you’ll enjoy a whopping 40,000Hz frequency when using them, as well as experience CD-quality streaming on the go. Certified by the Japan Audio Society, the earphones are in a league of their own, giving you professionally tuned drivers and an unparalleled level of high-resolution audio. Plus, thanks to CVC 6.0 noise-cancellation technology, everything from chatty coworkers to people on the street won’t disrupt your listening.

Even better, these earphones — which come in clear and black color options — are convertible. Meaning, you can easily switch between wireless Bluetooth listening on the go and plugging back into your device with a wired cable when your battery is running low. This flexibility helps when you’re out and about for extended periods of time since you can keep listening to your music, podcasts, and more without missing a beat.

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