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Dana Loesch’s Hubby Pities The Family, Friends Who Are Jealous Of His Wife

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Where’s the love for Dana Loesch?

The syndicated conservative radio host, who also happens to be a NRA spokeswoman, gets into a lot of online skirmishes and is the recipient of a lot of online hate.

She also has been known to get death and rape threats.

This week, her husband, Chris Loesch, unloaded on the fake people in their lives.

Loesch says the couple has lost the love of some friends and family as his wife’s platform has grown bigger.

“It’s amazing how people who have always known our politics yet still started businesses with us, still hung out with us, still enjoyed our hospitality and still broke bread with us have completely lost their ability to love us because Dana’s platform kept getting bigger,” he wrote on Facebook.

Dana Loesch recently got into a big Twitter dustup with washed up talk show his and twactivist Montel Williams, who called her a “prostitute” who hangs out on the “corner.” He then tried to delete those tweets and act like there was nothing to see there.

In October, 2017, she explained she was forced to move because gun control advocates threatened to “rape her to death.” One guy even allegedly threatened to shoot her in her front yard.

Chris Loesch is his wife’s manager. He’s also a music producer and writer. There is only one person above Loesch’s wife in his Twitter bio — Jesus: “A man devoted to Jesus, his wife, his children, his family, his friends, his freedom and his country.”

That he relentlessly defends her from Twitter trolls seems only natural. In 2015, his outpouring of love for her was palpable.

“15 years ago was the last morning I ever woke up an incomplete man,” he wrote on Instagram. “On this day I married the smartest and most beautiful woman in the world. She completes me and together we try to make the world a better place. I’m so proud that everyone else can see what I already knew. I thank God for putting us together. I love you Dana Loesch, around the moon and back, around the stars and back, forever and ever.”

This week he explained, “Her personality hasn’t changed at all since the day I met her, if anything she is more jovial, content and relatable. Betrayal from friends and family really hurts the worst.”

“People you barely remember acting like you were best friends is just sad and hilarious,” he continued. “People you have never heard of being used as character references is just weird. Making up crap about a childhood to fill in some sort of gaps is completely unethical. Contacting only one person who agrees with your politics in a story is disgusting.”

Chris Loesch raised the issue of “yellow journalism.”

“Shame on anyone that practices such yellow journalism to try and harm and divide,” he wrote. “Shame on former friends and family trying to make a name for themselves by throwing people who did genuinely love you under the bus. It’s petty and small, I pity you.” 

Former friends and family. Ouch!