CNN Political Analyst Publishes Dubious Report On Additional Kavanaugh Allegations

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Local police are casting doubt on a report from CNN political analyst Brian Karem that claimed investigators are looking into another sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Karem, who is the executive editor of the Sentinel newspapers, reported in the Montgomery County Sentinel on Monday that there may be a second sexual assault claim against Kavanaugh from his high school years.

“[Investigators] said they are looking at allegations against Kavanaugh during his senior year in high school after an anonymous witness came forward this weekend,” Karem reported.

The second allegation would be in addition to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s claim that Kavanaugh groped her at a high school party more than three decades ago.

Montgomery County Police released a statement Monday afternoon saying that they have not received a request to launch a criminal investigation against Kavanaugh.

“At this time, the Montgomery County Police Department has not received a request by any alleged victim nor a victim’s attorney to initiate a police report or criminal investigation regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh,” the statement said. “Typically, in a sexual assault case, the cooperation of the victim or witnesses is necessary.”

Karem did not clarify in his report which “investigators” are looking into a new claim against Kavanaugh, telling this reporter, “We never said the local police were our source. We quoted the police chief saying they would only investigate if they got a complaint – which they have not.”

An original version of the story cited Karem’s sources as “Montgomery County investigators,” furthering the perception that the story was sourced from local law enforcement. The story was later edited, without an editor’s note, to refer to the sources as “investigators in Montgomery County.”

Karem admitted that the change was to make sure “people would not think that MoCo police were our source.”

CNN did not respond to a request for comment.

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