OPINION — The US Economy Was Trump’s First Major Storm Response

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Michael Glassner Chief Operating Officer, Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.
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As soon as news arrived of a major hurricane approaching the Carolina coast, President Donald Trump’s leadership was tested once again.

Of course, the president saw through an unprecedented string of damaging hurricanes in 2017 with a command of the federal response few presidents before him have demonstrated.

Ironically, the biggest storm Donald Trump ever overcame through determined leadership wasn’t a hurricane at all, but a failing U.S. economy that devastated millions of lives in the decade prior to his election as president.

In 2010, the national unemployment rate was hovering close to 10 percent. Struggling to produce meaningful growth, the economy was drowning in a sea of regulations that targeted small businesses across America.

Instead of cutting taxes and protecting American workers, Barack Obama increased government spending and ensured a devastatingly weak recovery from the recession.

During the last year of his presidency, nearly 14 million people were still waiting for their lives to recover from the recession; still looking for employment or stuck in part-time jobs that didn’t come close to paying the bills.

The Wall Street Journal reported in May 2016, “A growing body of research suggests the economic trauma has left financial and psychic scars on many Americans.”

In direct contrast to his predecessor, Trump has shown true leadership in the face of catastrophic economic storms. His economic agenda, including tax cuts and deregulation, has helped America recover after being subjected for years to the Democrats’ anti-growth, anti-business policies that negatively impacted the lives of millions of Americans and their families.

The effect of Trump’s policies can now be seen across the country. The U.S. economy is now at a full sprint  — producing more jobs, wealth, and prosperity for Americans than we have seen in decades.

America not only has the lowest unemployment rate in decades, but workers get to keep more of their paychecks. By axing job-killing business regulations and reducing the tax burden on workers and businesses alike, America’s economy is now completely untethered.

Trump’s emergency response to eight years of economic plunder, however, did not end with tax cuts and deregulation. He has had the boldness to challenge the very notion of fair trade. As American leaders proudly extolled the benefits of free trade, our trading partners were ripping us off, leading to the decimation of our manufacturing base, pillaging whole communities across America in the process.

Again, our Navigator-in-Chief pointed our ship directly towards the headwinds to advance against long-term economic disaster.

By renegotiating harmful trade deals and implementing counter-tariffs designed to offset the tsunami of economic aggression by countries like China, the president is lifting the gloomy clouds of uncertainty from American manufacturers.

Since his inauguration, Trump has brought back over 200,000 jobs in manufacturing alone, with major companies agreeing to open new factories in America to ensure the industry’s future growth.

There’s a common theme in the president’s disaster relief strategies — his impeccable leadership and relentless determination produce unprecedented recoveries that exceed all expectations.

When experts said that the Trump’s economic plan and historic tax cuts would not grow the economy and would lead to “Armageddon,” he proved them wrong by stimulating a remarkable growth in GDP not seen in decades.

When pundits scoffed that the president’s counter-tariffs would only hurt the American worker, he proved them wrong by securing tens of thousands of new high-paying jobs in multiple sectors of the economy.

In less than two years, Trump has been able to weather several catastrophic storms endangering our country, and he deserves the credit for rescuing us from every one — devastating hurricanes, economic calamities and more.

This week, another natural storm hit the American coastline, causing tragic loss of life and damage across several states. But just as with all of the other storms that have damaged our great country, Trump will firmly lead us to bright days ahead.

Michael Glassner is Chief Operating Officer of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

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