Trump Rips Laughing Dems For Plotting Against Kavanaugh

Saagar Enjeti White House Correspondent

President Donald Trump once again unloaded on Democratic lawmakers for their handling of decades-old sexual assault allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, while entering the U.N. Wednesday.

“[Kavanaugh] is outstanding,” Trump said. “He is a gem. He is an absolute gem and he has been treated very unfairly by the Democrats who are playing a con game. They know what they’re doing. They went into a back room and talked with each other and they laughed at what they’re getting away with. It’s a con game, and that’s what they play and about the only thing they do well.”

Trump preceded his declaration by noting that if it was up to him, “they could have pushed it through two-and-a-half weeks ago” and the media “wouldn’t be talking about it right now.”

The president unleashed a tirade on one of the women accusing Kavanaugh, saying, “The second accuser has nothing. The second accuser doesn’t even know. She thinks maybe it could have been him, maybe not. She admits that she was drunk. She admits time lapses.”

He added, “This is a person, and this is a series of statements that’s going to take one of the most talented — one of the greatest intellects, from a judicial standpoint, in our country — going to keep him off the United States Supreme Court.”