Lou Dobbs: Kavanaugh ‘Stands For All That Is Good And Great About This Country’

(Fox News 9/28/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs provided his wholehearted support for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during a guest appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Friday.


“I think that Jeff Flake runs no risk because as you pointed out he is a lame duck. He found out that he couldn’t possibly win a primary in his home state and withdrew. And then upon learning that, he learned he is singularly unpopular period,” Dobbs said. “What are the risks here? The risks are that the Republican Party is unable to move his confirmation through. And that would be a devastating loss to the nation.”

“Tucker I truly believe what is going on here, what we are witnessing is not only the corrosive political corruption of the left, and these radical Dems who sit on particularly the Judiciary Committee. But we are watching a tenet of what has become democratic Party’s most important manifesto,” he continued.

“To deny American exceptionalism. And the man on that screen is extraordinarily exceptional. He is a man who took us through his life over the course of this hearing. This man stands for all that is good and great about this country,” Dobbs added. “His commitment to his studies, to improving himself, his service to the community. My God, how could you ask for anyone better to sit on the Supreme Court?”

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