The Film That Dominated The Weekend Box Office Might Surprise You. It Made A Ton Of Money

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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“Night School” led the way this weekend at the box office.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Kevin Hart comedy made a stunning $28 million in its opening weekend.


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I really don’t understand how this movie is making so much money or why anybody would bother going to see it. It’s just not something that appears to be overly funny to me. Of course, I could be wrong here, but something tells me that I’m not. (RELATED: THE MOVIE EXPECTED TO DOMINATE THE BOX OFFICE THIS WEEKEND MIGHT SURPRISE YOU)

Don’t get me wrong, Kevin Hart is a funny dude. I’ve enjoyed a lot of what I’ve seen him in. I’m just not sure a movie about him going to night school is the definition of something we’d consider comedy gold.


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It looks like people will just have to decide for themselves what they think. All I know for sure is that there’s zero shot you’ll catch me going to the theater to see this one. Maybe I’ll wait for it to be on digital release, and even then, I’m not so sure.

We all know, however, my opinion doesn’t dictate how much money this movie will make, and right now it’s raking in cash.

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