Former President Obama Doesn’t Endorse Alleged Domestic Abuser Keith Ellison

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Mike Brest Reporter
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Former President Obama released his second round of endorsements for a number of November midterm election candidates on Monday, and alleged domestic abuser Congressman Keith Ellison, who is running for Minnesota Attorney General, was notably left off his list.

One of Ellison’s former girlfriends, Karen Monahan, has accused him of domestic violence. She recently posted both private messages from the congressman and records from her doctor dating back a year to substantiate her claims. (RELATED: ‘Narcissist Abuse’ – Karen Monahan Releases Private Messages From Keith Ellison)

Despite the allegations, Ellison obtained the Minnesota Democratic Farm Labor (DFL) Party endorsement for the Attorney General race. Obama didn’t endorse any candidate running for the position.

Back in August, Obama came out with his first list of candidates that he supports for the midterm elections. There were 81 candidates on his first list. One name that that was surprisingly left off his original list was New York Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but she later got an Obama endorsement during his announcement on Monday. (RELATED: Barack Obama Wants You To Know Who To Support In November)

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