Former ACLU Vice President: The ACLU Now Doesn’t ‘Believe In Anything Other Than The Resistance’

(Fox News 10/4/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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Former ACLU Vice President Michael Meyers condemned the organization’s recent partisan actions during an interview with Sean Hannity on Thursday night.


“I was proudest of the ACLU when the ACLU resisted fascism, when they stood up to the mob. Now they have become the mob. It has become what they are not supposed to be. You are supposed to stand up to the mob, you are supposed to stand for freedom and individual liberty, supposed to stand for the presumption of innocence and it doesn’t make assumptions,” Meyers said.

Earlier this week, the organization published a video comparing former President Bill Clinton, convicted sex offender Bill Cosby and Brett Kavanaugh. It targets a handful of Republican senators who have not been considered locks to vote in favor of the confirmation of Kavanaugh. (RELATED: ACLU Launches Million Dollar Ad Campaign Likening Kavanaugh To Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton)

“The the ACLU is hijacked by the lunatic Left. They don’t believe in process. They don’t believe in due process. They don’t believe in free speech anymore,” he continued. “They don’t believe in anything other than the resistance. As opposed to resisting fascism, they have been part of the resistance movement.”

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