Fox News Contributor Falls While Trying To Take A Selfie With Laura Ingraham As They Had Beer On Air

Mike Brest Reporter
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Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo fell while trying to take a selfie with Laura Ingraham with beers in their hands on the latter’s show Friday night.


Arroyo was on the show for his weekly segment with Ingraham called “Friday Follies.” They review interesting stories that may have slipped under the radar.

The first story they discussed was a video showing protesters marching up to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s house shouting beer-related chants while they were drinking.

“Let me tell you about the selfie suicide movement that’s happening. The Indian Health Services did a study, 259 people in seven years, lost their lives taking these risky selfie shots. Mostly men. People between 10 and 29. But that number is really low. They’re saying it’s almost 250, it’s much higher than that. All they did was look at publicly declared cases, there are a lot that went undeclared. People on rooftops, on monuments, they’re in traffic, and they’re dying taking these shots. Real vanity.”

“Before I go, I thought just to bring it all together, Laura, the whole segment. We’ll take selfie,” he said.

As Arroyo leaned closer to Ingraham he fell off his chair and behind the desk. At that point Ingraham quickly transition, teased the next segment and went to commercial.

After many people tweeted at Arroyo about the fall, Ingraham tweeted that the entire fall was an planned joke.

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