OPINION: To the Left, You Are Either Tool Or An Obstacle


Ron Hart Ron Hart is a libertarian humorist and author who can be reached at Ron@RonaldHart.com.
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The Kavanaugh circus was ugly, but it was good for the country to see how the far left has hijacked the Democrat Party and what levels they are willing to stoop to for their social justice causes.

Trying to destroy a man and his family for political gain and betraying the confidence of Dr. Blasey Ford by leaking her letter to the Washington Post, knowingly throwing her into this mess: new lows for Democrats.

The Democrat Party, which is also today’s media, should be ashamed of this “search and destroy” episode. They’ve done the unthinkable by making Trump look like a class act.

Maybe those on the right empathize with Justice Kavanaugh for being falsely accused by leftists, because it seems they are falsely accused of being racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, etc. on a daily basis.

Essentially, this divisive issue came down to one vote in the Senate. In politics these days, it’s clear that if you win by one vote, you are on top. It is like having sex with Chris Christie: either you are on top, or you get crushed.

Our country has 320 million people, yet the media covered any Soros-funded protest of 100-or-so women like the whole country was speaking out. I watched these nut-job protestors, and all I could think was: Good luck getting a cat walker in D.C. during that time.

It seems strange that Brett Kavanaugh supposedly only sexually assaulted liberal women activists with ties to MoveOn.org and academia. What are the odds?

Now Justice Brett Kavanaugh can no longer do what he loved doing in DC: coach his daughter’s basketball team or eat out at a restaurant, since the “resistance” has vowed not to stop. Expect a story soon on NBC that multiple Bethesda, MD delivery room nurses say that seconds after being born Brett Kavanaugh exposed himself to them.

There was a lot of symbolism when Dr. Blasey Ford testified. Harking back to the Clarence Thomas “high-tech lynching,” she had a Coke sitting in front of her. Diane Feinstein wanted to take the innuendo further but could not slip Jell-O by security.

How did this conceit get so far? Because most mainstream media outlets never reported that all five of Blasey Ford’s witnesses, including her best friend and one of Democrat operative Bob Beckel’s many ex-wives, Ms. Keyser, could not corroborate her story.

Moreover, few noted that former FBI operative Monica McLean reportedly pressured Keyser to change her story, a claim her attorney denies, or that Blasey Ford’s boyfriend of six years essentially said she lied. He had restraining orders against her because she allegedly committed credit card fraud and bragged she could teach someone to pass a polygraph.

Trump (unlike weak mainstream Republicans) stood reasoned and strong in the fight to land his second Supreme Court Justice. If Ruth Bader Ginsburg is officially ruled deceased, he will get to pick another. Then, Justice Sonya Sotomayor and Justice Elena Kagan might as well sign up to do an NBC reboot of “The Golden Girls,” or book themselves a winter place in Key West.

One of the accusers, a client of “creepy porn lawyer” and top Democratic presidential candidate Michael Avenatti, is a real beaut. Her testimony states that well into college, she attended high school parties where Kavanaugh (about 15 years old at the time) and his beer-drinking buddy, Mark Judge, were present at parties where men drugged and gang-raped women. She was an adult, and the kids at these parties were in high school, yet she never called the police or told anyone.

Her story is that she kept going back to these parties to witness this about ten times, including after she was purportedly assaulted.

This Avenatti client claim reminds me of an old hunting joke: A man is bear hunting. He comes upon a male bear, draws his rifle and shoots at the bear. He cannot find him. He gets a tap on his shoulder, and it is the bear. Mad at this attempt to shoot him, the male bear has sex with the hunter.

Furious, the hunter comes back to the same spot next weekend. He sees the bear again, aims at him again, shoots and again loses the bear. There’s a tap on his shoulder. It is the bear and the same thing happens: the bear again has sex with the man.

A week later, the man comes back to the same spot. He sees the bear again in the distance and shoots. An uneasy five minutes go by; then there’s a tap on his shoulder again and the bear says, “This ain’t about hunting, is it?”

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