As Crowd Chants ‘Lock Her Up,’ Trump Drags Hillary’s Speaking Tour, ‘Bad’ Trade Deal

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President Donald Trump on Tuesday mocked his former Democratic opponent’s role in negotiating KORUS, a 2012 trade deal with South Korea.

Trump’s criticism came during a “Make America Great Again’ rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa. When he associated Hillary Clinton’s name with the “bad” deal, the crowed began chanting “lock her up!” At which point Trump referred to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s recently announced six-month speaking tour.

“The deal was so bad,” Trump told the crowd. “That was a Hillary Clinton deal. It was so bad … she was secretary of state.” (RELATED: Trump Blasts ‘Radical Democrats’ Who ‘Have Turned Into An Angry Mob’)

“She made a statement today,” Trump said as the crowd chanted. “They’re doing a tour, her and her husband or something. She made a statement, some ridiculous … I said, well that’s why she lost the election. She’s never gotten it.”

The president then joked about just how much Clinton has “never gotten it on trade.”

“But she’s never gotten it on trade,” he said. “So, she said we will create 250,000 jobs. And everybody was excited. Unfortunately she was right, but it was created in South Korea, not in our country. Just another deal. Check it off, just another horrible deal.”

“You know, if she’d said for South Korea, at least she would have been honest, right?”


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