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This Stainless Steel Glass With Lid Makes Wine Portable

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Distractions happen, whether that’s a loved one asking for help around the house or a friend insisting you put down your wine to throw around a football. But, just because distractions exist, that doesn’t mean your wine fun should spoil, too. With the Stainless Steel Double Walled Wine Glass With Lid, make your wine portable and enjoy it no matter any distractions the day throws your way.

Normally $40, this wine glass is 45 percent off

Normally $40, this wine glass is 45 percent off

Stainless Steel Double Walled Wine Glass With Lid on sale for $21.99

This wine glass makes it easy to enjoy your favorite drink no matter the occasion. For starters, this innovative glass comes with a lid that creates an air-tight seal when closed. Meaning, it keeps your wine fresher for longer and stops spills from ruining your carpet or clothes. What’s more, thanks to the lid, your favorite glass of alcohol just became portable, making it easy to carry around any party or outside when barbequing and picnicking.

On top of all that, the glass is kitchen grade and made of stainless steel. This means it’ll keep red wine at the perfect room temperature and white wine chilled for hours. Plus, since it holds 10 ounces of the good stuff, you’ll get a hearty pour of your favorite drink with each use, which is about twice the average size of the typical pour you’d get at a restaurant.

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