Prepare For The Football Games This Weekend With This Awesome ‘Friday Night Lights’ Video

Friday Night Lights (Credit: Screenshot/Netflix/Friday Night Lights)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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We have another great weekend of football ahead of us, and I have the perfect way for you all to prepare.

There’s no better way to get amped for football than with a little “Friday Night Lights” action. Coach Taylor is the type of man we need running America, but we got to settle for him running the show of Texas high school football several years.

I’m not sure there’s ever been a show to hit television that did a better job at encompassing the life of young people under pressure better than ‘FNL.’ (RELATED: Remember Tim Riggins From ‘Friday Night Lights’? He’s Now Hanging With Wayne Gretzky)

Yes, the football aspect was great, but it wasn’t the only reason the show was great. The show was great because it was about the gridiron, life, school, drinking beer, navigating your youth and growing up. That’s a massive task for a show to tackle, and “Friday Night Lights” had no problem doing it.

The hit show also provided us with some incredibly chilling moments. That’s why we’re here today. Check out the video below, and get excited for some football today.

Clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose. Have one hell of a great day.

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