Johnny Manziel Opens Up About His Adjustment To Life In The CFL

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Johnny Manziel admitted the learning curve in the CFL was tough, but he’s feeling much better about where he stands now.

The Montreal Alouettes quarterback said the following during a Friday appearance on TSN radio:

It’s taken me some time, more time than I anticipated to get up here and understand the schematics of this game that differ so much from the NFL game. In the sense of learning and feeling comfortable with where I’m at in this league, which is different, I feel light years better than when I did when I first got to Hamilton earlier this year. I’m taking some small victories from it even though the end result isn’t where we want to be right now.

This is what NFL scouts and general managers want to hear from Johnny Football. They want to know he understands the process of what it means to be a pro QB.


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I must also admit that I was a bit foolish in my expectations for Manziel north of the border. I didn’t know much about the CFL, and I assumed he would dominate from his first snap. Obviously, that didn’t happen. (RELATED: Here’s How Many NFL Teams Are Apparently Still Interested In Johnny Manziel)

He has taken lots of lickings along the way, but he’s also shown some serious flashes of brilliance.


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The Alouettes season is effectively over. At this point, he just needs to get as many reps as he can under his belt in the final few games, and gear up for next year.

All in all, I think Manziel has at the very least proven he is once again taking football extremely seriously. That’s something that will make scouts, executives and fans everywhere smile.

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