Ontario Bill Would Strip Returning ISIS Fighters Of Privileges ‘Trudeau Doesn’t Seem To Take’ Seriously

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief

Ontario’s new Conservative government plans to hit ISIS militants who return to Canada by canceling their driver’s licenses and government-funded health care.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford says his government is taking action because Canadian Prime Minister “Justin Trudeau doesn’t seem to take this seriously.”

Ontario Premier Doug Ford gestures as he speaks during his unofficial swearing in ceremony in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, June 29, 2018. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

The comments come after the federal opposition Conservatives have grilled the Trudeau government over its apparent inaction in bringing ISIS terrorists back from Syria and punishing them for their overseas actions. (RELATED: Canada Opposition Party Demands Action Against Canadians Who ‘Commmited Atrocities’ For ISIS)

A proposed bill will also prevent the returnees from applying for hunting and fishing licenses, as well as low-income housing. Ford tweeted Friday night about the coming legislation.

Conservative Member of the Provincial Parliament Dave Smith told Global News that the bill is a response to popular demand.

“I have had numerous people come up to me with concerns, they want to know that a convicted terrorist cannot walk around freely without real consequences. If they are not in a jail cell, they do not deserve the same privileges of every Ontarian. Some acts are unforgivable,” Smith noted in a statement.

U.S. drone strikes killed Afghan ISIS leader. SHUTTERSTOCK/ oneinchpunch

U.S. drone strikes killed Afghan ISIS leader. SHUTTERSTOCK/ oneinchpunch

Discussing the legalities of the legislation, Smith continued, “The bill amends several acts to provide repercussions for individuals convicted under any sections 83.18 to 83.221 of the Criminal Code. The sections cover activities including, participating in or facilitating terror activities as well as harboring known terrorists and promoting terrorism offenses. It’s important to note that section 83.19 specifically covers those who leave Canada to commit acts of terrorism.”

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