CNN Commentator Accuses Trump Of Inhaling Oxygen And Exhaling Lies

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CNN commentator Paul Begala said he’s nervous about President Donald Trump’s increasing approval rating and accused him of inhaling oxygen and exhaling lies to his supporters.

Co-host Alisyn Camerota asked if Begala was concerned about the GOP’s increasing momentum this close to the midterms, and he said Democrats across the board should all be worried. (RELATED: CNN Devotes Entire Segment To Picking Apart Trump’s USA Today Op-Ed)

“Yes is the short answer. Yes,” he said. “There’s only two ways to run, and I will say this to my Democratic friends — unopposed or scared. And they had, by golly, better run scared. What the president does is what he does best, which is polarize. So he polarizes, and boy, he has fired up the base of the Democratic Party, but he is also now firing up the base of the Republican Party, so this is still, I think, going to be a very tight election.”


Begala said Democratic voter enthusiasm will be challenged due to Trump’s success at firing up the Republican base and accused the president of lying to push his election agenda.

Democrats have got to do their job,” he said.

“Voting begins in Florida in 42 minutes … They have early voting in Florida. So the Democratic enthusiasm, which has been so high all this year, is going to be challenged now as the president tries to push up Republican enthusiasm, which so far has been working because he’s fed them a steady diet of fabrications.”

“It’s Trump respiration. He inhales oxygen, he exhales lies,” Begala concluded.

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