NFL Player Who Refuses To Stand For Anthem Is Now Starting Problems For Bizarre Reason [VIDEO]

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid lost his mind Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Reid, who refuses to stand for the national anthem, exchanged heated words with Eagles player Malcolm Jenkins. Apparently, his beef has something to do with Jenkins helping to raise $100 million from the league for causes important to the black community.

How that could ever be a problem is beyond me. Take a look at the altercation below. (RELATED: NFL Star Wears Kaepernick Jersey And A Bizarre Anti-Trump Hat. What Is He Thinking?)

It only got worse after the game when Reid claimed Jenkins “sold out” himself and Colin Kaepernick.

This whole situation is beyond bizarre, but let me make one thing crystal clear to all of you: Eric Reid is an absolute clown. To go after somebody, exchange words and get pissed because he helped raise $100 million dollars for an organization dedicated to helping black communities is absurd.

It only goes to show what I’ve said forever. The anthem kneelers have no idea what they’re doing. There isn’t any organization, clear message or any hint of direction and unity. It’s about people who want attention.


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I might not agree with everything Jenkins does or stands for. I’m sure that I don’t. But I know beyond a doubt he’s actually helped move the conversation forward with the NFL. He hasn’t just taken a knee during the anthem and expected miracles to occur.

Reid is an idiot, and should probably be suspended for initiating this little dust-up. Feel free to sound off in the comments if you disagree, but I have a feeling most of you probably feel the same way.

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