Fired Ohio State Football Coach Fires Off Absurd Tweet After Protection Order Is Granted

(Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Disgraced former Ohio State football coach Zach Smith just can’t seem to realize when it’s time to go away.

His ex-wife Courtney was recently awarded a three-year protection order against him after years of domestic violence allegations. Those allegations are the base for the massive scandal that rocked the Ohio State football program this summer, and led to Urban Meyer being suspended. (RELATED: Ohio State Football Announces Major News. How Will It Impact Their Season?)

You’d think that’d be enough for Zach to get the point and shut the hell up.

Instead of doing the logical thing, he sent out a wild tweet about “Faith, patience & the truth will always prevail.” He also said he will pray for people who sent him bad messages. The level of tone deafness is unreal.

Somebody needs to get this dude’s phone and tell him to take a very long vacation. He also claimed it’s a mutual protection order, which is not at all what actually happened, according to ESPN. So, he’s either delusional, doesn’t know what’s happening or just straight up lying.

If I was an Ohio State booster, I’d just pay him a bunch of money to delete his Twitter and disappear. He isn’t helping any situation by shooting off his mouth.

I don’t know what the solution here is for anybody involved, but I know Zach Smith isn’t helping anybody with hitting the send button on Twitter. That is a fact.

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