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Afternoon Mirror: Ex-Washington Reporter Has Most Annoying Idea Ever For White House Briefings

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“I have to say, I feel less safe as a journalist in America these days than I ever did in Russia. A lot less safe.” 

— Julia Ioffe, GQ.

Ron Fournier comes up with most annoying idea ever

Fournier is a former reporter and editor at National Journal and Crains. He’s now the president of Truscott Rossman, a communications firm. 

“Don’t do this.” — Olivia Nuzzi, New York Mag.

A.J. Delgado opines on UK citizenship for her baby 

“When you think about it, birthright citizenship is odd. If I wanted Will to have British citizenship, all I would have to do is fly to London while, say, six months pregnant, and boom? He has every right little Niles next door has. No, the Brits would laugh. Why do WE allow it?” — A.J. Delgado, whose baby daddy is Jason Miller, President Trump’s former communications director. The pair had an affair during the campaign. Delgado has said Miller told her that he was separated at the time. When Delgado finally broke the news of her pregnancy, Miller reportedly told her that his wife was also pregnant.

Is CNN’s Jim Acosta the enemy of the people? (Joking) 

Acosta is the chief White House correspondent for CNN; Fairbanks is a reporter for The Gateway Pundit; Cernovich is a conservative blogger and author.

JIM ACOSTA: We are not the enemy of the people. I am not your enemy. You are not my enemy. It is wrong to call your fellow Americans the enemy. We are all on the same team. We are all Americans.

CASSANDRA FAIRBANKS: I definitely consider you the enemy, actually.

MIKE CERNOVICH: Unpopular opinion: I like Jim Acosta. He does stunts, sure, but don’t we all. He’s never used some of the nasty rhetoric of Antifa bloggers. He wears his heart on his sleeve. I’m in favor of dunking on him in a civil way of course, jokes, but he is not my enemy.

“In the last three days, my grandmother died, my brother’s partner’s father died, my best friend’s father was put into hospice, and an acquaintance of mine had his uncle killed in the synagogue attack. I actually feel ok, but wtf.” — Sophie Weiner, night editor, Splinter News.


“Some personal news: I have started watching bodyguard on Netflix and my attempt at a Scottish accent is only becoming more offensive.” — David Mack, deputy director, breaking news, BuzzFeed.

Is Shep Smith safely employed at Fox News? 

“Every time Shep has a viral moment people tweet stuff like this ‘whoah! on Fox News?!’ or ‘how long will Shep last at Fox?’ For the millionth time, FNC loves having Shep as it gives their news division cred, they don’t interfere with his show, & Shep just got his contract extended.” — Yashar Ali, New York Mag, HuffPost.

Reporter is open to the possibility that he’s wrong

“Jim Acosta is the worst. I’m sorry. He’s just not acting in good faith. He’s acting in self-interest. That’s my opinion. I am open to possibility that I’m wrong. But man.” — Jason Howerton, director of engagement, CRTV.  

WHO KNEW? Montel speaks Russian fluently??!! 

“Just a note: I speak Russian fluently. I therefore can spot a native Russian speaker who is conversant, but not fluent in English. A lot of you #MAGA people are taking to Russians…” — Montel Williams, washed up talkshow host, Twactivist.

Chuck Todd still getting butchered for having Erick Erickson as a guest

“Hey @chucktodd, instead of offering another lecture about civility, why don’t you have one of these subject matter experts on rather than Erik f’ing Erickson? Telling the truth about domestic right-wing terrorism on MTP would be a genuine public service.” — David Roberts, Vox.

Gossip Roundup 

TMZ: Ben & Jerry’s has anti-Trump ice cream. Here.

NYP’s Page Six: Comedian Louis C.K. finally gets real protesters. Here.

E! News: NBC “TODAY” Show co-host Savannah Guthrie‘s road to marriage with Steve Feldman was not paradise. Here.

Variety: Megyn Kelly allegedly squabbling over NDA and non-compete issues before heading for NBC’s exit door. Here.

Splinter: The site’s Libby Watson calls AxiosJonathan Swan a “bootlicker.” Here. “That’s in dispute, that’s very much in dispute,” is what Swan actually says when Trump says he can issue an executive order preventing birthright citizenship. Somehow Watson wasn’t listening to that part of the interview because she was still groggy from her lack of coffee. Rhetorical question...if Watson had an opportunity to sit down with Trump, wouldn’t she take it?

The Obviously Outraged Observer

“In case you want to skip the briefing. REPORTER: Isn’t the president to blame for all this stuff SANDERS: No it’s your fault REPORTER: that’s outrageous SANDERS: you’re outrageous (end of briefing) ANCHOR IN STUDIO: What we just saw was outrageous.” — David Rutz, Washington Free Beacon.

About that presser with Sarah Huckabee Sanders…

“‘Can you state for the record which news outlets are fake news?’ asks Jim Acosta. Sarah Sanders says she would not blanket condemn a single network, but says individuals are guilty. ‘Those individuals know who they are.'” — Charlie Spiering, White House correspondent, Breitbart News.

Tweet Taken Completely Out Of Context

“Please stop tweeting that 2 year old story of the attempted murderer with half his skull missing.” — Andrea Ruth, contributing editor, RedState.

CNN’s Tapper goes to woodshed for Ioffe appearance on his show

Backgrounder: GQ’s Julia Ioffe said Trump has radicalized more people than ISIS ever did. Tapper didn’t challenge her. Ioffe apologized. She later made an evening appearance on CNN Don Lemon‘s show. 

“Tapper is such a serious news man, he invites a journo onto his panel who was fired from Politico for publicly suggesting President Trump engages in incest with his daughter.” — Buck Sexton, host of radio’s “The Buck Sexton Show.”

“To those that claim Jake Tapper is a good, balanced journalist… I have one question for you: Why did he sit there and say absolutely nothing as his guest said more people have been radicalized by Trump than ISIS?” — Caleb Hull, former senior editor, IJR.

Bothsideism is…

“Is it too much to ask that President Trump’s visit to Pittsburgh tomorrow can be a day where he doesn’t make it about himself or abuse the media, & the media doesn’t try to Gotcha! or mock him? Make it about the victims, their families, the Jewish community. Make it respectful.” — Piers Morgan, columnist, The Daily Mail.

Reporter receives ‘various violent threats’ after synagogue massacre

“I just found out that there was an entire Gab hate site profile dedicated to me and my coverage of the massacre. Since then I have received various violent threats across various social media platforms including one mentioning a bar that I’ve frequented in Pittsburgh.” — Mike Elk, labor journo, formerly with Politico, and Washington Free Beacon’s former Man of the Year.

In 2016, a judge banned Elk from various bars in Chattanooga.

Susan Glasser still in shock over Trump’s anti-media rhetoric 

“Bad people.’ ‘Enemies of the people’ I still can’t accept that the President of the United States is saying this. No matter how many times he does it. Trump again said today the media is ‘the true enemy of the people.’ We aren’t. We should never accept this from the President of the United Stares. Words matter, his most of all. #FirstAmendment.” — Susan Glasser, The New Yorker