VIDEO: Ann Coulter Explains How President Trump And The GOP Can Prevent A ‘Blue Tsunami’

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Conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter has some advice for President Trump and Republicans hoping to prevent a media-predicted “blue tsunami” in the elections on Tuesday.

In an exclusive Daily Caller video, Coulter explained why, at least as far as the House of Representatives is concerned, the difference between a “ripple” or a “tsunami” doesn’t matter all that much.


“The House of Representatives, you’ve got the majority or you don’t,” she said. “There’s no dimmer switch. It’s on or it’s off. If they win, the Democrats win by one vote. It’s lights out for the Trump agenda.”

Coulter’s advice for Trump?

“Go back to those rallies” and don’t say “anything stupid.”

“He’s funny,” she said. “Everybody loves it. It gins people up. There’s no downside as long as he doesn’t say anything monumentally stupid. I admit there’s a small risk of that. But really only once or twice a year does he do something like that. So avoid doing anything stupid. That would help a lot.”

Even without Congressional approval, Coulter believes Trump should pull out a copy of the Constitution and start building the wall.

“His job is to defend the borders,” said Coulter. (RELATED: Ann Coulter To Those Who Say Trump Lacks Authority To Build Wall — Pull Out Your Pocket Constitution)

Finally, Coulter said Trump and Republicans should put Democrats on the defensive by going after Democrat support for sanctuary cities.

“You’re gonna put Democrats in the position of defending illegal aliens who have committed crimes? I’m pretty sure that’s polling about 90 percent on our side. I think you want to make a huge issue out of sanctuary cities. Hit that hard and I think you can stop the blue tsunami anyway.”

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