NFL Week 9 Wrap Up: Here Are The Best Moments You May Have Missed

(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter

Week 8 of the NFL is now one game away from being over.

Thursday and Sunday were filled with action, heartbreak and a clash of titans. Here are some of the best moments you may have missed below:

Order has been restored and the NFC East is back to looking like the dumpster fire that it is:

The Lions are officially done:

Le’Veon Bell who?

The Chiefs continue to be unstoppable:

Sam Darnold may not be as hot as we originally thought:

The Bears are … actually good?

The Buccaneers got embarrassed by Cam Newton & Co:

The Chargers have quietly won five games in a row now:

The Texans are looking better and better:

The Saints look incredible, but more importantly, they broke the Rams’ undefeated streak:

Brady vs. Rodgers was so much more than a typical “Sunday Night” game:

Tonight, the Titans match up against the Cowboys tonight to round out Week 9.

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