VOTE: Which Past SNL Skit Is Too Offensive For 2018?

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Jon Brown Associate Editor
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“Saturday Night Live” is in a swirl of controversy this week, following cast member Pete Davidson’s “joke” about former Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw losing his eye in Afghanistan. (RELATED: ‘SNL’ Mocks GOP Candidate Who Lost An Eye In Afghanistan)

Apparently, some on SNL are not afraid of stirring the pot, at least when it comes to laughing at wounded vets. But there is likely a line that even SNL wouldn’t dare to cross in these days of easily triggered feelings.

In its 43 years on the air, some SNL skits that were once famous and considered hilarious would likely not pass the smell test now. (RELATED: Pete Davidson Backs Off ‘SNL’ Skit About Ariana Grande Split After She Gets Upset)

Vote below for which SNL skit would be most likely to get canned for being too offensive these days. Comment below if there is one you don’t see listed, but think should be.