Tom Perez Was Asked About Chuck Schumer’s Tweet Calling Out Violence On Both Sides — His Staffer Stepped In To Stop It

Henry Rodgers | Capitol Hill Reporter

Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman Tom Perez’s deputy communications director cut him off from responding to an interview question regarding a tweet from New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer that called out violence by both parties.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Perez was asked about a tweet Schumer sent out Oct. 23, which condemned the acts of violence from both Democrats and Republicans. When asked about the tweet, Perez first responded by saying, “I haven’t seen the quote, so can you give me the whole context?”

When the reporter explained to him what the tweet said, Perez’s deputy communications director, Sabrina Singh, cut off Perez before he could answer the question, saying she didn’t think it was a good use of his time.

“Hey, Wil. We don’t really want to get into responding to other Democratic tweets. We’re really excited about the map, and we’re happy to talk about our midterms and the strategy, but if you want to go more into this path, I’m happy to talk to you about this. I just don’t think this is a good use of Tom’s time.”

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“Let me try to address your point. Donald Trump did not invent anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism predated Donald Trump. Donald Trump did not invent the politics of division. This division predated Donald Trump. Donald Trump, however, understands 100 percent that the politics of division work to his advantage,” Perez responded after the reporter said he thought “it was a big part of the political landscape.”

Perez dodged a question in another interview in late September about endorsing House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House if Democrats are successful in the November midterm elections. (RELATED: DNC Chairman Tom Perez Dodges Question About Endorsing Nancy Pelosi For Speaker)

Democrats believe they will regain control of the House after Tuesday night’s midterm elections, as Republicans hope to pick up a few seats in the Senate.

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