College Quarterback Arrested Over Alleged Gun Incident. The Details Will Churn Your Stomach


David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Former Ave Maria quarterback Cory del Prado is in some serious legal trouble over an alleged incident at a Halloween party.

The freshman QB allegedly pulled a gun on his teammates after they refused to let them into their party. The details don’t paint a good picture for the young man at all.

Naples News reported the following details:

Kurt Tibbets, a freshman offensive lineman for Ave Maria, and Daniel Hoffman, a freshman tight end, were asked by the host of the party to “work the door” and not allow anyone else in because the party was overcrowded, according to the report.

Del Prado, who was Ave Maria’s freshman quarterback at the time of the incident, attempted to enter the Halloween party with Noah Rice-Kerr, a freshman linebacker.  

Tibbets denied them access and told them the party was full, according to the report.  

Del Prado became upset and began pushing Tibbets and pulled a black, semi-automatic firearm from his waistband and held it to the right side of Tibbets’ head, according to the report. The report does not say whether the gun was loaded.

The barrel of the firearm was touching Tibbets’ temple area, and del Prado said, “I will ruin your life,” according to the report.  

The best part of this whole report from the Naples News is the fact Prado said the gun, which was apparently just a BB gun, was part of his costume. The kid needs to stick with that defense to the grave. Deny until you die, my friends. See, he wasn’t threatening somebody with a handgun. He was just refusing to break character from his “gangster” Halloween costume. He sounds like a method actor. His teammates just clearly don’t understand his craft.

I hope whatever he did or didn’t do was worth it because he’s facing a felony charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, according to the same report.

In all seriousness, you’re an absolute moron if you ever pull a real or fake gun on anybody over a party. That’s just a fact of life, and there’s no way around it. No way at all.

Halloween is a time to party, enjoy the company of some attractive women and relax. It’s not the time to get yourself arrested. His college is even in Florida! The weather should be good enough to party nonstop on Halloween. (SLIDESHOW: These Women On Instagram Hate Wearing Clothes)

It’s sad that even had to be said, but here we are. I don’t know what the future holds for Mr. Prado. I’m not too familiar with facing charges of such nature, but something tells me he’s going to go ahead and get one hell of a great attorney.

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