OPINION: Jim Acosta Cements Himself As Jester Of Donald Trump’s Court

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Evan Berryhill Freelance Writer
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As the saying goes, everybody views themselves as the hero of their own story. There may be no better example of this in all of America than Jim Acosta.

By now, most of the country has seen the video of Acosta from President Trump’s press conference following the midterm election. While Acosta did not assault the female White House aide as some conservatives have tried to claim, there’s no debating that he physically resisted her attempts to take the microphone from him.

Nevertheless, his cartoonish behavior absolutely warranted the punishment it received and Acosta having his White House press credentials temporarily revoked.

Having the opportunity to ask the president a question is a privilege that is not guaranteed to anyone, regardless of how important they feel they are. Acosta argued, debated, interrupted and rudely tried to interject his personal feelings of moral superiority to make himself the center of attention.

Acosta’s prodding occurred even after the president called on him, something he did not have to do, and calmly made an attempt to answer Acosta’s initial question.

Trump firmly stated that he and Acosta had a difference of opinion on what the characterization of the migrant caravan should be and proceeded to answer his question.

When Acosta tried to ask a second question, despite the room being filled with literally hundreds of reporters all hoping to ask a question and a finite amount of time, his sideshow extended to the White House intern. The female intern went to retrieve the microphone at which time she was shrugged off by Acosta, who was gripping the microphone and not relinquishing control.

Of course, the reaction would surely be the same if this interaction took place between a conservative male reporter and female White House intern during a Democratic administration. The Buzzfeed headline might read: “Conservative Reporter’s Male Privilege and Subconscious Patriarchal Disposition Results in Assault of Female White House Aide.”

No matter how many times he claims this to be the case, Acosta is not an objective news reporter. He has consistently demonstrated for over two years that he is clearly incapable of covering the president in any manner representing fairness or objectivity. His schtick has worn out its welcome.

There were 68 questions asked at Trump’s press conference asked by 35 reporters, many of whom are adversarial to Trump. But only Acosta exhibited the disrespectful, combative, and reprehensible behavior that warranted the reaction it has received.

At this point, perhaps it would be wise for the White House to give Acosta his credentials back. With a brief suspension, the White House has effectively sent its message and made its point. By giving the press credential back to Acosta, it puts the ball in CNN’s court to either deal with Acosta or live with the consequences of his actions.

The longer this situation drags out, the more it allows the media narrative to turn to the White House’s action, rather than Acosta’s boorish behavior. So, as enjoyable as it would be to watch CNN and Acosta file a ridiculous lawsuit against the Trump Administration, the White House should give Acosta his hard pass credentials back.

As for CNN, in the interest of journalism, the Network should find someone capable of covering the White House more objectively.

It is unfortunate that CNN has chosen to stand by Acosta and his behavior through Trump’s tenure. One could understand CNN’s decision if Wednesday was the first instance of Acosta’s unsuitable behavior, but it was only the latest in a series of issues over the course of the last several years.

For a network that is hemorrhaging viewers and struggling to keep pace in the ratings behind Fox News and MSNBC, you would think objective news would be a primary focus and they would look to replace Acosta at the White House with someone capable of objective news reporting.

Perhaps CNN could give Acosta his own prime-time show where he would be free to inject his opinions about the White House and Trump’s administration. Acosta could even pretend, just like Brian Stelter still does, to not be a partisan stooge. But alas, that is not likely to be the case.

To date, Acosta has not learned how to behave as a guest in someone else’s home. Yet CNN insists on standing by its embattled reporter and shows no signs of removing him from covering the White House anytime soon.

For the foreseeable future and at a time when political hysteria is at a fever pitch, the battle between Acosta and the Trump administration will rage on. Acosta will continue view himself as the great journalistic martyr of his time and the great champion of the liberal media, but to most of America, he will continue to simply be a jester in Trump’s court.

Evan Berryhill is a former congressional communications staffer for Rep. David B. McKinley.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of The Daily Caller.