Snipes Refutes Claims That Bad Provisional Ballots Were Thrown In With Good Ones

CNN 11/13/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes fought back on Tuesday against claims  that bad provisional ballots had been mixed in with good ones during her interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

The Miami Herald reported on Friday that Broward County officials had about 200 provisional ballots. Of those, approximately 20 of them were ruled to be illegal, but they had reportedly been mixed in with the legal ones.


“Your critics point to 2020 rejected — 22 rejected provisional ballots that were put in with a batch of 200 valid ones. And they say, you see? This is what happened back in 2016. They make mistakes in there, and it can change an election,” Cuomo stated.  (RELATED: RNC Points Out 12 Times Florida’s Broward County Elections Supervisor Has Been ‘Incompetent And Possibly Criminal’)

“There were 25 ballots in question, not 21. And those 25 ballots had not been counted as of today. But now those ballots, as I understand it, came from valid Broward voters. And I believe every voter should be given a fair opportunity to have their ballot cast, but we don’t want that ballot to be cast illegally,” Snipes responded.

“If the ballot doesn’t meet the standard, that’s one thing. But if the ballots have been determined to come from actual registered voters who met all the criteria of being a registered voter — and operated as a registered voter, those votes should be counted,” she continued. (RELATED: Marco Rubio Rips Media Outlets Who Say There Is No Voter ‘Fraud’ In Florida)

“Is it not the case that whether the number is 22 or 25, whatever the number is, that those rejected provisional ballots that were put with 200 valid ones, is it not the case that those 22 or 25 ballots were then removed again, because they were not supposed to be counted with the other ones?” Cuomo asked.

She responded, “They were — they were never counted. Those ballots had been separated. They had been isolated. They have not been counted to date.”

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