Former Border Agent Says Migrants Could Put Pepper Spray On ‘Nachos And Eat It’

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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U.S. Border Patrol reportedly used “OC pepper spray” Sunday on a mob of migrants throwing rocks at border agents and attempting to enter the country illegally.

The reaction by the Border Patrol appears similar to the actions taken under the Obama administration, which used pepper balls on a mob rushing the border in 2013, according to The San Diego Tribune.

Many are outraged at the recent decision. Former Border agent Ronald Colburn joined Fox & Friends on Monday to explain the use of pepper spray by the agents.

Colburn said that the caravan had been “well-organized and supported from outside sources” but said the caravan has a “core of violence.”

“These are persons that one would like to think are true refugees but they are not showing that in their actions,” Colburn said.

Colburn was asked if the use of tear gas was “warranted” by the border agents given the actions of the migrants.

“Absolutely,” Colburn said. “To clarify, the type of deterrent they used is OC pepper spray. Literally water, pepper with a small amount of alcohol for evaporation purposes. It’s natural. You could actually put it on your nachos and eat it. It’s a good way of deterring people without harm.” (RELATED: Tijuana Mayor Denounces ‘Horde’ Of Caravan Migrants, Calls For Swift Deportation)

A migrant family, part of a caravan of thousands traveling from Central America en route to the United States, run away from tear gas in front of the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico in Tijuana

REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

U.S border patrol stand near the border fence between Mexico and the United States as migrants stand near by in Tijuana, Mexico, November 25, 2018. REUTERS/Hannah McKay

REUTERS/Hannah McKay

Colburn said that “Mexican citizens have just as much of an expectation of their government for protection as those in the United States” and that Mexico was right to deport the migrants who behaved illegally.