Add 3 Lenses To Any Smartphone With This Cyber Monday Special

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No matter how high your MP count, a smartphone is generally limited by the stock lens. RevolCam adds wide angle, fisheye, and macro options, as well as an adjustable brightness LED and a special mirror for selfies to enhance your mobile photography. Plus, right now it’s on serious discount—only $29.99 after the price drop—over 50 percent off at the Daily Caller Shop.

Normally $59, this smartphone lens kit is 51 percent off

RevolCam: The Multi-Lens Photo Revolution for Smartphones on sale for $29.99

Use the wide angle lens when you want to fit everyone in on a group photo or capture a beautiful landscape. Revolve to your fisheye when you’re feeling quirky to add some spice to your photos, or go macro for extreme detail on tiny subjects like insects or wood grain. 230-level light control adds an extra creative element to play with, and RevolCam is guaranteed universally compatible.

If you’re a photographer at hear who wants to expand their smartphone repertoire, this RevolCam could be the Multi-Lens Photo Revolution you’ve been wanting. Get it now at the shop for just $29.99 after the latest price drop—a total of 49% off.

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