‘Mistletoe Everywhere’ — Jesse Watters Imagines A White House With Bill Clinton In Charge Of Decorations

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Fox News host Jesse Watters joked that there would be “mistletoe everywhere” if Hillary Clinton had won in 2016 and Bill Clinton had been in charge of White House Christmas decorating.

The Fox News host’s comments came during a “Hannity” panel discussion about the controversy surrounding First Lady Melania Trump’s decorating, dubbed the “red Christmas trees of death” by Slate.


“I just want to see the beautiful Christmas decorations,” Watters told Hannity when asked if he was invited to any of the White House Christmas parties. “I think they are gorgeous.”

“Why do they constantly pick on the first lady?” asked Hannity, referring to the controversy. (RELATED: Jesse Watters On Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: ‘I Don’t Think She Knows Anything About Economics)

When liberal panelist Jessica Tarlov tried to criticize the first lady for her “hypocritical” cyberbullying campaign and then brought up Michelle Obama, Watters was ready:

“Imagine if Hillary was elected,” Watters said. “Bill Clinton would have been in charge of the Christmas decorations. Imagine there would have been mistletoe everywhere. That would have been so tacky. The media would have loved it too.”

“That’s beneath you,” said Tarlov.

But Hannity disagreed.

“That was funny. He is winning by a lot,” he told Tarlov of Watters. “He got you there.”

“You know what this is?” asked Watters. “This is when Trump Derangement Syndrome meets the ‘war on Christmas.’ You get Decoration-gate.  You guys are scared of Christmas decorations. I didn’t think you were that big of a snowflake.”

The Fox News host then offered to buy Tarlov a Trumpy Bear as a “little emotional support animal.”

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