It’s A Day That Ends In ‘Y,’ So Liberals Are Crying Racism


Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s show we talk about the run-off election for the Senate seat in Mississippi and how the liberal media cried racism. We also talk about the latest developments with the Central American caravan and how the liberal media cried racism. Plus, Bill and Hillary Clinton are finding out just how unpopular they are with the public, which might be the only thing not attributed to racism … yet.

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Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith easily won the run-off election for Senate in Mississippi against former Clinton administration Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy. Hyde-Smith is white, Espy is black, so the liberal media had their hook — racism. They accused Hyde-Smith of being racist at every chance they had, even in victory. While leftists usually love “firsts,” and Hyde-Smith is the first woman elected to Congress from Mississippi, that fact was largely ignored because of the race narrative.

MSNBC contributor and Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson straight-out called Hyde-Smith a racist, based on nothing more than he calls everyone who disagrees with him a racist. Host Stephanie Ruhle ignored it because journalism, or something. We have the unbelievable audio.

The Associated Press and Reuters also played up the race angle and ignored the historic first of a woman winning. The Reuters headline was, “Republican wins racially charged Senate race in Mississippi.” The AP’s was, “GOP US Sen. Hyde-Smith wins divisive runoff, keeps her seat.” Both emphasized Espy’s race, which happens to be black, and Hyde-Smith being white, with the AP originally waiting until the 11th paragraph to bother even mentioning Espy’s name (the post has been updated to mention it in the third now), but his race was mentioned in the first.

Also, the caravan is chugging along, and so is the liberal media’s advocacy of it. But many of its participants are realizing entering the U.S. isn’t as easy as they were told and are returning home. This made NBC News personality Andrea Mitchell upset. We have the audio and help her with her sadness.

Bill and Hillary Clinton may not be going away, but the public appears to be going away from them. They started their 13-city speaking tour to hundreds of empty seats as tickets remained unsold and saw their prices drop well below face value on the secondary market. How can we miss them if they never go away?

All this and a woman pulled a knife on a man who didn’t appreciate her farting at a Dollar General store. Florida, man.

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