Whoopi Goldberg Refuses To Say The Word ‘Gun’ On ‘The View’


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Whoopi Goldberg refused to say the word “gun” on Tuesday’s episode of ABC’s “The View” and earned herself some snark from co-host Meghan McCain.

Goldberg was talking about President Donald Trump potentially committing treason when she invoked the phrase “smoking gun” — however, she refused to say “gun” and instead went with “smoking flute.”


McCain later questioned Goldberg about the omission, and Goldberg explained that she was trying to be respectful to Republican Rep. Steve Scalise, who was a guest on the show.

“I know that I’ve been promised many times before, including on this very show, that we had it — that we did have a smoking gun — and I will still say ‘gun’ on national television,” McCain said, in a rebuke of Goldberg using “smoking flute.”


“I’m sorry, the reason I didn’t say ‘gun’ was because Steve Scalise was coming on, and I didn’t want anybody to misunderstand the joke. That’s why I didn’t do it, just so we’re clear,” Goldberg replied. “You’re allowed to, it was just me, trying to, you know, be respectful.”

McCain replied sassily, “Well, a few days ago there was something brought up about guns … so I don’t know what the line is today.”

Goldberg reiterated that she was just trying to be “thoughtful” to Scalise.

Scalise was shot and nearly killed during a GOP congressional baseball practice last June and joined “The View” on Tuesday to discuss his recovery and his new book, “Back In The Game.”

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