‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Opens Up About The Famous Sex Scene

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Peter Dinklage had a lot of thoughts when it came to the famous sex scene between Jon Snow and Daenerys in Season Seven of “Game of Thrones.”

His interview from September with Entertainment Weekly on the subject appeared to go pretty much unnoticed in the media, but the guys over at BroBible pulled an interesting nugget from the interview a couple days ago.

For those who might not remember, Dinklage’s character Tyrion was creeping outside the door as Snow and Daenerys decided to get into bed with each other. I think everybody found it to be a bit strange. (SLIDESHOW: These Women On Instagram Hate Wearing Clothes)

Peter Dinklage told EW the following:

A lot of the time with Tyrion, it’s professional and personal. Obviously, he has feelings for Daenerys. He loves her — or thinks he does. She’s awe-inspiring. He’s questioning that because he doesn’t have a good track record for falling in love. There’s jealousy wrapped up in there. And he loves Jon Snow, too. They’re the two people he has the most in common with, in a way — they’re both outsiders in their own families who have refused to follow the path their family has taken, and hopefully for the better. He’s wondering how smart of a move [Jon and Dany getting romantically involved is], because passion and politics don’t mix well. He knows the two of them getting together could be very dangerous.

So, as always, Tyrion is a bit ahead of the curve and seems very well aware the two of them hooking up might not be the smartest play in the world.

It’s a recipe for disaster. Sure, we waited for seven seasons to get to those final moments, and it didn’t disappoint. That still doesn’t mean the two of them having sex won’t have mass repercussions. Yet, I think the fans probably don’t care.

Is there any situation where Snow and Daenerys both survive? I would hope so, but I just don’t see it playing out that way. “Game of Thrones” is way too dark to give the fans a happy ending. There’s just no way in hell that’s going to happen.


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We can all find out how it ends when the eighth and final season of the hit show arrives in April. You know that I’ll be watching.

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