VOTE: Celebrate John Kerry’s Birthday With Some Of His Most Notable Moments

Mike Brest Reporter

Former Secretary of State John Kerry turns 75 years old on Tuesday. Kerry was once the Lt. Governor of Massachusetts, spent nearly three decades in the Senate and most recently served as Secretary of State during the Obama Administration.

Throughout all his years in politics, there have been a number of highlights (or lowlights depending on one’s perspective). Whether it’s ruining a sacred tradition in the city of Philadelphia — which essentially cost him the 2004 presidential election — or the litany of injuries he’s sustained through his active lifestyle, Kerry has continued to make headlines outside of politics throughout his time in office. (RELATED: John Kerry Defends Iran Deal: ‘The Strongest, Most Intrusive’ Agreement)

Since his time as Sec. of State concluded, Kerry has frequently attacked the current administration for its foreign policy decisions. Both UN ambassador Nikki Haley and current Sec. of State Mike Pompeo have publicly criticized Kerry for his interference.

Who knows what future memorable Kerry moments could make next year’s list.


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