Stephen Miller Responds To ‘Dance Party’ Protesters By Offering ‘A Better Chance At Getting Jobs’

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White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller responded to protesters who hosted a “queer dance party” outside his housing complex on Wednesday.

The protest, called #WERKNotWalls,” was described by organizer Firas Nasr as a way to “shed light on [Miller] and on the Trump administration’s egregious response to the migrant and refugee caravan.”

Miller’s comments came on Thursday night’s edition of “The Ingraham Angle,” as Fox News host Laura Ingraham brought up the topic of eating and getting around in Washington D.C. as a Trump administration official.


“Do you feel like you can go out in public and restaurants in Washington and do you?” Ingraham asked toward the end of her interview with Miller, most of which focused on President Trump’s efforts to get funding for his proposed border wall.

“I have no concerns,” Miller said confidently.

“So you eat. You’re fine,” said Ingraham before referring to “that Broadway show going on outside” Miller’s house.

“But you don’t have walls,” she said. “Do you, outside your house?” (RELATED: Protesters Gather Outside White House Adviser Stephen Miller’s House, Pass Out ‘Wanted’ Flyers)

“Ironically, they’d have a better chance of getting jobs if we could implement some of the immigration reforms that we’ve been talking about,” Miller quipped.

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