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CNN Chief Media Correspondent Declares Trump Untrustworthy


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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CNN Chief Media Correspondent Brian Stelter has made it abundantly clear that he thinks President Trump is the bottom of the barrel. For the past year, week in and week out, every episode of “Reliable Sources” concentrates on Trump’s supposedly deteriorating mental health, just how bad Trump is and when he might get impeached.

Stelter is not a psychiatrist. He’s not an opinion reporter. He’s no Don Lemon. And he’s not even Lemon’s best bro Chris Cuomo,MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, or his archenemy, Fox News’s Sean Hannity — all of whom are opinion journalists. Don’t get me wrong. Stelter’s not all bad. He once pressed creepy porn star attorney Michael Avenatti for criticizing The Daily Caller with “Trumpian tactics.” It was still a hot poker at Trump, but at least he was sticking up for The Daily Caller, which is a rarity in the Brian Stelter Land.

And yet he appears to be having some sort of identity crisis.

Friday was no exception.

As you can see above, his tweet concludes with the “who knows?” emoji.

Stelter doesn’t cite a poll, a source or even an expert other than the opinion wafting out of his honeydew melon-shaped balding head.

When Julia Gerstein, a senior editor at INSIDER and a former senior lifestyle editor at BuzzFeed called him out on his shoddy “reporting”, he mentioned polls. Or as Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen might say, “SAYS WHO?”

Gerstein: “It’s troubling that you, a media reporter, think that people ‘know’ Trump can’t be trusted. His ability to sway people to his narrative is a foundational element of his presidency.”

Stelter: “Numerous polls from the past two years are clear on this issue.”

Oh really. So why doesn’t Stelter — who can be pretty dorky — mention them?

But more importantly, why is he belching out opinions like this?

Other observers weren’t as kind to Stelter.

“Speak for yourself… or were you speaking of yourself, dipstick?” asked Larry Kelly.

Quoolcamel wrote, “Oh ‘most’. Great reporting Brian. You’re sooo brave. Keep up the amazing work.”

“You’re in MEDIA,” wrote Thufir. “Try having SOME objectivity sir. Professionalism is a good thing Brian.”

The Devil’s Lettuce (@vono13) got in a dig, saying, “Thanks for telling us what we think… I know I can trust the president more than @brianstelter and @CNN combined.”